Undercounter Ice Maker Repair Experts In New Orleans, LA

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Throughout the southern part of the state, particularly in New Orleans, LA, and areas nearby, an ice maker is an important appliance in many homes as well as commercial businesses. These can be part of the fridge, with a refrigerator ice maker available for most newer models in all brands.

An under counter ice maker is an ideal option for a kitchen, a bar area in a home or in a break room, for hotels, motels and resorts a well as for use in any type of venue. These handy appliances mount directly under the counter so they do not take up any space but they provide a continuous supply of fresh ice.




Undercounter Ice Maker Repair Professionals On Call

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Broussard Appliance Services offers trained technicians for any type of undercounter ice maker repair services required. Our team can work with all the major brands of undercounter models as well as provide refrigerator ice maker repair services right in your own home or commercial property.

For Whirlpool ice maker, Kitchenaid ice maker or Frigidaire ice maker repair needs, give us a call. It is helpful when you call in to provide the make and model, if possible, including the brand information. My knowing if we will be working on a Kitchenaid, Frigidaire or Whirlpool ice maker repair, we can ensure we have the parts and components to get the job done.

For more information on Whirlpool, Frigidaire or Kitchenaid ice maker repair services, or if you need refrigerator ice maker repair, call us at 504-736-9545 for quality repair services you can trust in and around New Orleans, LA.


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