Deodorant Stains on the Underarms of Washable Shirts

Sponge or soak in white vinegar; wait 30 minutes. Launder shirts in the hottest water safe for the fabric. Using an enzyme detergent or a detergent with bleach alternative (check care labels to make sure this is okay). You can also put laundry detergent right on the area, leave it for five to ten minutes, then wash. To prevent stains: Let deodorant dry before dressing. And don’t let stains sit. Apply pre-wash spray or liquid detergent immediately, then launder. Every third or fourth washing, use the hottest water safe for the shirts.

White-Out/ Liquid Paper and Permanent Marker Stains

Dab some sunscreen over the stain and rub off with a paper towel. Repeat until stain is gone.

Dryer Tip

Include a few tennis balls in each dryer cycle. The tennis balls not only cut drying time by 25%-50%, but also fluff the clothes to a delicate softness, towels will be especially fluffy.

Laundry Uses for Salt

Salt is a super stain remover on clothing, helps maintain bright colors, and can even eliminate sticky spots on your iron. It can also reduce yellowing in clothes and mildew on shower curtains. Remember do not use this tip on dry clean only clothes.

Cleaning Stainless Steal Appliances

Use olive oil to remove streaks and undiluted vinegar to clean and polish stainless steal or remove heat stains from cutlery. Club soda also removes streaks and heat stains.

Reduce Fading of Clothes

Turn dark clothes inside out and wash in the coolest water possible; dry on lowest heat. For all-black clothes and linens, throw in a box of black Rit-dye every 8-10 washes or so to keep black clothes black.

Avoid Shrinking of Clothes

The best way to avoid shrinking in clothing is to use a cold water setting and avoid the dryer. Dry by either hanging the item to dry or turning the dryer down to its lowest setting.

How to be More Energy Efficient

– When using a stove, cook with the right size pot on the right size burner because energy is lost when you cook with a small pot on a large burner.

– Keeping your stove clean will reflect heat better and save more energy.

– Try not to put hot foods directly in the refrigerator; let them cool first.

– To save more laundry detergent, water, and energy, use your washing machine only when washing full loads.